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About the Game

A Wizard's World is a MMO-RPG AR Mobile-Game to bring magic to your home!

You're not just playing a fictional character in a magical world, no! You're part of a real community, with real players, where you can write your own magical story in real time.

It is completely free-to-play, no hidden play-to-win features. Become the most powerful wizard through hard work and talent. Success and achievements can only be earned, not bought.

Arriving at the magic school Wastghor, it is up to you to show your true character. Get sorted in one of the four houses "Sarathin", "Vicrow", "Gelluf" or "Frigon", receive your unique personal wand and get started with your magical education and road to glory.


A Wizard's World sets new standards in augmented reality mobile gaming experience, with the latest AR handtracking technologies, your hand movements are captured directly by the phone's camera, leading to an immersive gameplay experience never seen before on a mobile. You're not just playing a character, you are the character!


Wastghor School of Manifold Magic will be home for all kind of witches and wizards. Compete with your fellow classmates for fame and honor on your server, but keep in mind, real power lies in unity. Work together as a team to succeed in server vs. server competitions and win extraordinary prizes.

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Glory of Wastghor

Throughout the year, the four houses "Sarathin", "Vicrow", "Gelluf" and "Frigon" compete for the glory of Wastghor and the honor of lifting the Wastghor Trophy. Earn points for your house by completing school lessons, winning duels, or solving weekly riddles.

Magic Wand

The connection between wand and witch or wizard is a very special bond. Each wand is unique in its composition of wood, handle and finish. Based on your character traits, you will be assigned your very own personal wand and will soon discover, that each wand has its own characteristics.

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Nurturing and cultivating friendships should not be underestimated, you never know what benefits those relationsships will provide and when good teamwork will be of the utmost importance.


Your magic education takes place in real time. Sign up for lessons with your friends and classmates to study different branches of magic. Learn how to cast spells, transform magical items, tend to magical plants and seeds, brew and use magical mixtures, or train and care for your personal companion.

Show your skills and knowledge during school-term-exams. Score masterful grades in as many subjects as possible and show everyone, that you're the smartest and cleverest which or wizard around.

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Weekly Riddle

A sharp and quick mind is often the deciding factor between success and failure. Prove together with your house mates, that the title of the smartest house belongs to you.

Border-Collie mit Knochen
Border-Collie mit Knochen
Border-Collie mit Knochen

Personal Companion

Choose your personal companion. Learn how to care for him or her, train and grow together, fight side by side in memorable duels and create an incomparable bonds that last a magical lifetime.


Use what you have learned so far and prove your knowledge and skills in duels against other players. Fight your way through the tournament and prove that you are the most powerful witch or wizard of them all.

Border-Collie mit Knochen
Border-Collie mit Knochen


Überlandstrasse 24, 8953 Dietikon

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