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Leanne Vicrow

Leanne is the firstborn of the famous and wealthy Vicrow family. She is the daughter of a frustrated father who wanted a son, and a mother who was unhappy for not having been able to please her husband.

Leanne grew up in an unstable family environment, but was a gentile child due to her grandfather's upbringing and her governess in magic. Due to her father's genetics, Leanne was not tall, an aspect that could have made her go unnoticed were it not for her extraordinary beauty.

By the time Leanne was twelve, she was soon surrounded by suitors who were fully aware of the dowry she would inherit from her father. Her father arranged marriage interviews for her, eager for a man to be the new head of the family.

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Leanne, of course, did not want to get married, but she enjoyed going to all the events. Leanne loved to wear all the beautiful dresses her mother had made for her, but didn't agree with the way her parents wanted to control her life.


Her grandfather on the other hand, was the one who helped her practice magic and quickly picked up on Leanne's quick wit and spell-casting prowess. Leannes curiosity led her to experiment with various magical compounds to create new potions and spells.


One day she was fed up with her parents attempts to find her a husband, so she expressed her dissatisfaction and demanded her parents enroll her in Axillias. The best magic school in Krones. Her parents refused and even demanded she give them back her magic wand. Reluctantly Leanne handed back her wand and locked herself in her room.


Her parents thought she was throwing a tantrum, and in a way that was what she was doing. However, Leanne gave her parents a fake wand, her actual wand remained hidden under a floorboard in her room. She left her grandfather a farewell letter, grabbed her wand and snuck out of her house in the middle of the night.


Her destination was the District of Sparkles. A place which was famous for its duels during the night. Every street, alley, or avenue was illuminated by the lights of the wands flashing the spells of many battles. Leanne had heard her father talk about this place and how he considered it a place for barbarians who only wanted to fight. Leanne sought out the largest and most muscular-looking warlock and challenged him to a duel. He had mocked her small stature and slim build but accepted the challenge nonetheless.


It only took Leanne a couple of minutes to defeat her rival, and she did it with ease, which chilled the blood of the spectators. Drunk with euphoria, she giggled mischievously concealing her face behind her mask. That night she known as the Faceless Demon, because at no time did she reveal her identity.


The next day Leanne embarked on a long-lasting journey by boat to Krones, during which she dedicated herself to studying magical ingredients from the sea. Leanne earned money during her trip by selling potions and fighting pirates who dared the challenge her. She became well known along the way due to her beauty and kindness, but she also earned the crew's respect with her unyielding fighting style. It was common knowledge that Leanne was a weak opponent in close combat, and for that very reason she made sure that no one came within five meters of her. Her rivals were practically knocked down before they even came close to her.


After a long and tough month at sea, she finally arrived at Axillias and was eager to take the entrance exam. But, to her surprise, the principal told her she had already been admitted due to a recommendation letter from Gallius Vicrow, her grandfather. She insisted to take the exam anyway, as she wanted to be recognized on her own merits. With a smile, Leanne made a fool of one of the best combat magic teachers, leaving not doubt about her rightful place at the school.


A year had passed and Leanne became a member of the Axilias Administrative Council. One day she oversaw the entrance exam of the first magician who grabbed her interest; a young man named Elyaz Sarathin.


Intrigued by his fighting style, Leanne approached Elyaz and immediately realized Elyaz was peculiar. To say that he was an introverted and reserved person was an understatement, but she didn't find him difficult to deal with either. He was clear about the things he did not like, all Leanne had to do was listen and give him his space. He also had a strong attachment to wild animals and beasts, which motivated her to lend him some of her grandfather's books.


To everyone's surprise, they soon became good friends. Elyaz practically only trusted Leanne and vice versa. Due to their good friendship, Leanne recommended Elyaz to the School of Wild Magic so that he could further study the creatures he loved so much. Shortly after he had left, Leanne herself departed to return home due to an illness suffered by her grandfather. On his deathbed, her grandfather entrusted her with the task of pursuing his dream; founding a school suitable for everyone and teaching all of the various magical branches.


The death of her grandfather, however, pushed Leanne’s ambitions in the background and she spent the next four years sailing and dealing with grief and sorrow. She even visited another continent where Leanne met a young, brave but very reckless lady named Dorcy. Dorcy tried to steal a treasure from Leanne that she had discovered on one of her expeditions. In the end, Leanne managed to stop her, but it was not without luck. Dorcy had been the first rival she had a hard time defeating and her determination suddenly reminded Leanne of her grandfather and in that very moment she decided that it was time to start pursuing his dream.

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