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Elyaz Sarathin

Elyaz was born in the Outlands of Switzerland. He was the son of humble peasants who used magic to treat their fields. The village he was born in was not particularly special, and there was nobody extraordinary until him. On the night of his birth, there was a meteor shower, the first in almost two hundred years. A legend says that any wizard or sorceress born under this condition is destined for greatness.

Elyaz grew up like any other child, or at least relatively normal but struggled to communicate with others. He tended to get aggravated when someone did not understand him, so he spent more time with the creatures of the village, and the beasts that lived around it. When he was given his wand at the age of ten, his life changed drastically. The first moment he touched his wand, it lit up with a glow that illuminated the entire village like a second sun.


Elyaz devoted the next few years of his life to practicing magic and studying different types of lizards, dreaming of seeing a real dragon one day. He wrote several journals describing the appearance, behaviors, and metabolism of the animals that he dreamt of. One day, his village became too small for his ambitions, so at the age of 14, he decided to travel to magical cities to expand his knowledge. He traveled far and spent many nights sleeping on the streets with no food and only the stars above his head. His determination to obtain more knowledge however drove him to continue his quest.

On his travels he met many great magicians who taught him various combat techniques. One day one of his teachers realized Elyaz had a natural talent for magical duels, and an amazing ability to analyze, which allowed him to read his opponents moves and counter or avoid those attacks before they even happened. Those abilities crowned him victor in almost all duels.

It was then this teacher who recommended him to one of the best magic schools in the country; Axillias. To enter the school, Elyaz was put to through a test, where he shocked everyone with his dueling abilities, despite having received no formal magical training. One of the spectators on that day was Leanne Vicrow, who was not only impressed with his magical potential, but also wanted to learn more about Elyaz character and mindset. There was an instant connection between the two of them and they quickly became close friends and companions.

After two years at Axillias, Elyaz got the opportunity to transfer to the “School of Wild Magic”, a school famous for its zoology classes, and studies of wild animals and beasts. There was also a rumor that dragons occasionally visited the school grounds. As this had always been his dream he did not hesitate for a second, packed his things and went on his way. He later learned that it was Leanne who had put in a good word for him with the headmaster of the school.

Midway through his journey he encountered a badly wounded Komodo dragon on the verge of death. Unable to simply leave the fierce creature to its faith, he decided to suspend his journey for a little bit and tend the animal back to health. It wasn’t an easy task as these lizards are the most dangerous and ferocious of its kind, also they are very suspicious of humans. Nevertheless, he always preferred animals over humans so knew exactly how to help him. After a few weeks the dragon regained his strength and Elyaz continued on the rest of his journey.

One day during his fifth year studying at the “School of Wild Magic”, during which he built a reputation as a truly fearsome and powerful wizard. He received a letter from Leanne, asking him to meet her in a small village near Krones to discuss the foundation of a new magical school.

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